26 ft Imemsa Panga

Up to 6 people

Captain: Abraham Gomez

Trips & Pricing


Half Day / AM 4 hrs  $325

Half Day / PM 4 hrs $325

3/4 Day 6 hrs  $450

Full day 8 hrs  $550



Are you looking for an angling adventure that’ll leave you with long-lasting memories? Fast Action Fishing will provide you with a passionate and attentive service in the pearlescent waters of Mexico!

Captain Abraham Gomez invites you to join him for this fishing excursion on board his 26’ Yamaha Imemsa Panga. You can bring 5 of your fishing buddies with you, everyone can fish at the same time. The boat is powered by twin Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engines, with a total of 120 HP. A full complement of Garmin fishfinding and navigation electronics are here to help you find your prey quickly and safely.

Capt. Abraham will provide you with high-quality tackle by Penn. The boat is equipped with downriggers and outriggers to extend your reach when trolling and allow for more lines in the water. And you’ll want as many lines as possible with the great variety in fish you can target.

Offshore thrill-seekers can target Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, or Kingfish. If you’re itching for a fight, Amberjack and Horse-eye Jack will give you the battle you want. Delicious Snappers and Groupers are available as well, for anglers looking to fill their coolers. Many other species can be hooked up as well, talk to the captain to figure out what’s best for your wishes and skill level.

There’s even snorkeling equipment ready on board, if you want to take a break from the action and dip in the gorgeous waters. Your memories won’t be just stories, as there are GoPro cameras onboard to capture the thrill of your trip.

The charter will supply you with water, sodas, and beer on all trips. Six and eight-hour trips also include freshly-made ceviche as well as tequila, for your enjoyment.

Whether you’ve yet to earn your sea legs, or you’re a seasoned sea wolf, a trip with Fast Action Fishing is the right choice. Book today and make the first step towards this exciting fishing excursion!


33ft Bertram

Up to 8 people

Captain: Roberto Vargas  

Trips & Pricing


Half Day / AM 4 hrs  $525

Half Day / PM 4 hrs $525

3/4 Day 6 hrs  $650

Full day 8 hrs  $800



An incredible ocean odyssey awaits aboard the “Dream Catcher Boat.” Head out from Puerto Morelos, consuming the breathtaking views and wind-stealing air, as you seek beautiful, exotic, and delicious fish. Captain Roberto Vargas has been fishing in Riviera Maya for over 25 years. A sportfishing enthusiast, he’s determined to show you the best fishing spots in the Caribbean in style.

You’ll traverse the crystal clear waters aboard a 33’ Bertram saltwater fishing boat. This attractive vessel was restored with all creature comforts in 2018, so you’ll feel right at home as soon as you step aboard. Fitted with a bed, shower, kitchen, and toilet, you’ll be in your element as you drift along the waters and head out to the sweet spots.

Take advantage of the comfortable seating area as the first mate serves you drinks and chips, and keeps you good company. While on longer trips, make the most of the sandwiches, fruit, and range of beverages on offer. There’s no better feeling in the world than watching the sun glisten off the water with a beer in your hand.

Throughout the day, you’ll engage in incredible fishing, too. The boat was built for serious sportfishing. Up to 8 guests can fish with the latest gear, as you try your best to reel in some monster fish. Troll for the bite of magnificent Marlin and Sailfish, along with delicious Mahi Mahi. You’ll also get the chance to bottom fish for stunning Snappers, Groupers, Amberjacks, and may more. The options are endless!

When hitting the reefs, you’ll even have the chance to jump in the water and see the stunning, exotic fish up close. Put on the snorkeling gear and discover a whole new world. There really is something for everyone aboard the Dream Catcher Boat, so bring your friends, family, and other loved ones aboard and make some lifelong memories.